Tous les clients doivent signer leur contrat d'accord personnalisé pour programmer officiellement leur session et céduler la date et l'heure de leur session.

All clients must sign their customized Agreement contract to officially schedule their session and lock in their session date/time.


Why should I/we hire you?

Because you will enjoying dealing with me: I'll be your advocate, your problem-solver, your confident, your stylist, your professional assistant that will make you feel happy and excited with your project.

Are you open to energy or work exchange?

No, I pass on this one. We all have unique perceptions of commitment, work ethic and positive energy. It is hard to determine what's fair for both sides. Energy and work are time and time is money. Period.

Do you have past clients we can speak to as references?

Yes, let me know if you like a specific photo you saw in my website so I can refer you to that person.

Can we have the raw, unedited files?

These files are by no means available for purchase or sale.

Can you hold a date for me?

To be fair to everyone, including myself, I only pencil in dates once you have accepted and signed my estimate/contract and a 50% deposit is received.

What kind of gear do you use?

I have a Canon 6D Mark II with various lenses (zoom, wide angle, macro and portrait), a Profoto flash, studio lights and a Leica camera in my cell phone (just in case!)

Can you do volunteer work?

Absolutely, I love it! Of course due to the high demand, I carefully select only ONE cause per year. If you want me to volunteer for a photo shoot for your business or personal charity, send me your sponsorship package and tell me why you think I am a good fit for your request. Remember that each photographer is different, but at the end of the day, we're all great at something and have learned how to capitalize on our unique talents.

Can I order prints or other promotionals through you?

Absolutely! I have a solid designer background and know quality places that will definitely suit your needs.

Do I get the copyrights of the images?

Copyright means that I am the creator of the images and I "own" the copyright. However we will discuss a usage license.

Do we get to see all the images, including those ones who didn't make it to the final selection?

The final images delivered are those one that I carefully selected. I avoid the flash-didn't-fire, closed eyes, joker smiles, blurry without intention, etc. It is my job as a professional to submit my best visual work.

Can I extend the session on the day of?

Sure you can! I will let you know in advance the cost per hour depending on the work we are doing so we are in this together.